Dr. Wayne Wilson

Your mind is my business!

You may need therapy if...

If you have experienced a loss of a loved one through divorce or death.
Many people have difficulties dealing with the loss of someone special in their life. This could even be a pet or close friend. Dealing with these issues without help may prove to be unbearable. Being able to talk with someone experienced in these types of situations can be a catalyst to a complete recovery.

Find yourself over-reacting on a rebound.
Some people have difficulty in experiencing the loss of a relationship and find themselves trying to replace the void of that relationship by starting new relationships before they properly grieve the previous relationship. This can result in many short term, non-meaningful and painful relationships. Many people find themselves experiencing trouble maintaining long term relationships unless they grieve the loss properly.

You are experiencing general feelings that you don't matter or low self esteem.
This may be the inability to say no when needed or going out of the way to always please people even if it is not in your best interest.

You are experiencing feelings of sadness or depression that last longer than three weeks, which may include the following:

  1. Waking up around 4am in the morning.
  2. Difficulty falling asleep.
  3. Not being able to concentrate as normal.
  4. Eating to satisfy lonely feelings.

You are experiencing pervasive anxiety and or panic attacks. Symptoms include:

  1. Heart palpitations. (feels like skipping a beat)
  2. Heart feels like it will pound out of your chest.
  3. Feeling faint or dizzy.
  4. overwhelming feeling of fear.
  5. Inability to concentrate or focus attention.